Supermoon Aura

I’m clothed in the darkest
Canvas of the night
But, feel as though
I am naked as Moonlight…
So come,
Paint on me,
On my silken celestial body…
Paint on me,
Words from a mystic’s heart-sleeve
A poetry of colored sunbeams
With rhythm and verses that flow passionately
Lush tones that linger in the soul,
Its rich sound calls you out of control
Sensations of various vibrations and forms
Let the flavors settle into the core
Like the tenderness
Of “I love you” serenades…
Go on and captivate
The soft velvet desire
With no expectations…Read More »

You Know How I Feel…

Love is what lead us together
It is always been this way…
The beginning and ending…

We will embark on the path
That leads to the essence…
We will overcome
The gravitational currents
Together, we can do everything…

We are the Creator
Of our lives
The water
That refreshes our dry, burned day…
We are the musician
In our own soundtrack
The writer
Of our history
We are the pastel colors
On our path
The painter
Of our art, in which we live….
The architect
Of our home we build
We are all around us,
Our life is

The rest, is just a frame…

Oh and I’m feeling good la la la… I wrote this a few moons back, reading it from the beginning to ending, ending to beginning still gives me the same feeling.  I haven’t picked up the pen lately as am quite busy building something (a spaceship, perhaps 😊). So, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, reading blogs but don’t worry I’ll try to gaze when I have a moment.  Hoping everyone is full of joy in their hearts, love and smiles.  Have a lovely Sunday!

Art’s Craze in 60 Seconds

There you are
In all moon beam’s fascination…
I’m alive with serene inclination
Of word-breath seduction…

There’s no logic to it,
No reason or rhyme…
Just wishes’ manifestation
And synchronization
Of the Star burst submission…

Your euphonious heart and mine
As if vast Ocean’s choir
Then, all of a sudden
The music of you is gone…

Leaving only this:
Penumbra ache, its hollowness
And cold abandonment…
Squeezing dry the feelings high
Where even Neruda’s wildfire passion
Seems like Dali’s surreal delusions…

Leaving me to say:
Fuck You!
I Miss You!


Reality of Dreams

As the sunlight
Touches the mountains’ silhouette
I realized, I have yet to sleep…
The reality of dreams
And your bohemian-scent mystery
Keep me awake…
Maybe later, I will relax
And close my eyes…

Funny isn’t it,
How paper never condemn,
Allowing inky shades
And these meandering words
To consume its empty spaces…
I’m not really sure
Where I’m going with this
For now,
Bits and pieces of remembering
Smudge incoherently on this page
A black on white, saccharine taste
Of a dream state…

The Sun conjoined with the Moon
And the last few Stars…
With its yellow
And blue flicker glimpses,
Its warmth, and possibilities,
Provide the courage for me
To smile and softly say:
“I wonder why my waking
And sleeping hours
Are woven around you…
Why, when I know
This is more dream than reality?”

I don’t have an answer, but poetry…
Poetry, like love is a cure
For the mortality of existence…
I live life just to tell it,
For my dreams to come alive…

Photo taken at the mountains of Buscalan Village, Kalinga.  And that song was playing when we (me and little sister) reached our shelter in the mountains and became the soundtrack of this whole Kalinga experience.  Love and smiles from me and the mountains!

Water Me

If life is a tree
I am the roots, holding thoroughly
Sturdy, giving fruits – I Am Why

Water me
In the labyrinth,
In the dark, thick of it…
Water me
Under the sparkly purple sky
Shaved and smooth,
My skin like liquid moonlight…

Do not fear
My ever-changing shape…
When I’m howling and furry,
Standing on my haunches,
My lower lip stained
With the blood of my last ego kill
Water me, still…

When I’m majestic than you,
My existence illuminates
Like the Sun and it hurts
When my gaze
Penetrates at you
Water me then, too…

When I become a furious river,
Spilling myself upon your dreams
And call them
To the surface of your life
Water me, my Love…

When I call down the blizzard,
That hardens the Land,
Freezes the Earth
And all the blossoming plants…
Trust, the Spring has arrived!

A gift for Trees from a Tree 😋, tadaa! Love and smiles!!!

New Waves


If life is a sea
I am the wave, carrying fishes to the shore – I Am Why

Out in the open,
Raging Sea
Relentlessly in fluidity…
With yellowish-greens,
Sundry shades
Of sophisticated waves

Wild, enigmatic and natural
Engulfing you with rolling desires…
Other times, placid…
Smoothing you
From the ambivalent currents of exotic,
Sensuality of each Now’s memory…

As always
My love is a tidal wave…
Splashing colors on the page
With word’s brush,
With my iridescent, sultry eyes…
Carrying fishes to the shore,
Devoted to be Home…

Even so, I confess
I’m nothing but energy (waves)
Which can never be destroyed,
Only transformed…
If you dare to heed,
Be willing to dive at the heart
Of its pulsating beat…
You may find love can last,
Like the turquoise raging Sea…

Dedicated to my Inang (Grandmother) Rosalina, who I have a special loving bond. She gives me strength despite of being fragile because of old age. Thank you for all the help and for everything, I love you Inang… Mwahh 💗😘

Photo taken by: My pretty little sister Rahnie 💖


If life is a silence, I am the sound –  I Am Why 

Silence crawls,
Unravels old wounds
Makes me bleed
And exude burgundy tears
Of purity’s uncertainty…

It’s like standing
In the crypt’s icy wind,
Shivers my flesh,
My bones underneath…
And graze away
Whatever is left of my warm,
Tattered heart…
A never healing scars…
Yet, this Silence
Enfolds me to safety,
As it nourish
Insatiably on my sanity…

Then again,
I would delightedly listen
To your vexatious animosity…
Feel your sword words thrust,
Shredding my heart…
And passionately devour
Your putrefying apple lullabies
While I remain in Lotus stance…

Well, I believe
There is immensity
In ascetic Silence…
Than your imprudent act
Of stabbing to death
All the love,
Seeds I have planted…