Standing still
Stars and the moon shines in the night sky
Standing still
Wind is blowing
Standing still
With no one around me
Standing still
Lonely, feeling ill

Sitting still
I see you coming
Sitting still
You sit beside me
Sitting still
You hold my hand
Sitting still
I feel my heart jumping, what a thrill

Lying still
Your head on my chest
Lying still
Touching your hair
Lying still
Caressing your beautiful face
Lying still
I feel the warmth of your breath
Lying still
Speaking no words
Lying still
Surrounded by emotions
Lying still
Loneliness disappear,
You’re a natural pain pill.



Smoke up
Blown out

Everything is beautiful
It feels like I can hold the time
I enjoy each moment that is passing by
Even the blink of your eyes

Out so high
Going to places I want to see
And be with you
I feel you so near me

Oh, I want to fly and touch the sky
Fly away
Fade away
Holding on tight
Soon the reality will hit me to the ground

I’m ready
Not afraid
Grass is always green