Screamed Your Eyes

Lonely, screamed your eyes
Sick of your daily agenda and routine
No new emotions to convoy your adventure
A comforting way to die
But hopes surrounds you
And the wind takes you
You saw life
A life different from yours
Joy, screamed your eyes



Bloomed from an odd plant
Created and nurtured by nature
Flower like no other, has unique qualities
Exudes pheromone that would burn your eyes
Leave a scent that lingers in the palette of your soul
Take a great adventure different from the norm
You’ll find yourself in the dark night
Accompany by stars, moon and nocturnal
Enjoy the moment
You’ll find yourself surrounded by joy and love,
It will make you feel alive
Enjoy the moment
You’ll find yourself free flowing with the wind
Enjoy the moment
You find the flower
Enjoy the moment