History for me is like a fucked up fairytale story
There were Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses,
Knights, Castles, Dragons and Weapons
And so on…
They were in constant search of love,
Hope, dreams, language, culture and power
In constant search of recognition
And a place they can call their own
It had cost them millions of souls to vanish
Because of worthless objectives
At the end of it all the cycle goes on
In a different tone
With an offbeat hybrid of Kings and Queens
Selfie Queens from
The Kingdom of #butfirstletmetakeaselfie
Dickpic Kings from
The Kingdom of #thinkthatsright
And yes, you are reading it right!
These Kingdoms bow to the Princess of Twerk
And celebrate to Harlem Shake
Shaking but it ain’t even Harlem
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A Tale Of Two Continents

A Tale Of Two Continents

I dedicate this post to Maditjhab and to all of us.

I don’t know her
She doesn’t know me
I’m from Asia, in the South East
To be exact, Philippines
She is from Africa

Thousand kilometers away
We found each other two days ago through this bridge of technology
Oh was it two days ago?
Not sure though
We live in a different time zone, I really don’t know
We have different cultures, beliefs, knowledge and language
Different ways of living
But our words connect us to each other’s spirit
This is magic

You left me speechless with your message
When I was reading it, there was no smile on my face
But my heart until now is jumping for joy
My soul is singing loud, wishing you could hear it
Arms are wide open spreading love, wishing you could feel it

I am writing, never expecting any response from someone or somebody else
I am writing, hoping to find myself just like you.
I am writing, hoping to find sense.
With your beautiful message,
I have found new reasons to keep writing.
And that our thoughts and emotions through words,
All our words from the depths of our soul are worth sharing.


The Art Of Letting Go

It was so good
I swallowed you whole in a different form
What are you made of?

Oh, I feel chills down my spine
Goosebumps all over
Stomach’s crumbling
I want to run then jump
Heart is pounding out of my chest
I’m sweating
I love and hate this feeling

The longer I’m holding on
It becomes exasperating
I want to let you go
I want you out of my system
Time seems travelling faster than light
Everything is in order except this disorder
This is exhausting

Inside small gray tiled kingdom of my own
Sitting like a mad queen on a frigid throne
Yes I am here, I am here
Cold and quiet
Just what I wanted
Mind is flying at a minimum destination
While waiting for this moment of expulsion

A little squeeze
A little rage without calling names
Disgusting scent lingers in the air
Letting go
I now hear
You’re out just like that!
This is the art I master all my life

True Essence of Nothing is Everything

Chased a shadow
Like you were chasing a butterfly,
Under the scorching heat of the sun.
Flew with the wind,
To the world of no pain and sorrow.
I looked at you in awe.
Then I asked, what are you feeling and who are you thinking?
Slipped fast through your mouth,
Then flashed a smile.
I saw my face reflecting in your eyes.
I realized,
True essence of nothing is everything.


Adore or Abhor

My words are tattooed on my skin
And now I’m painted black but exude light
Uniquely exist there’s nothing like it
Would burn your eyes and carve in your mind
These words are melodies of my heart, mind and soul
Makes me sing so loud
And dance fast or slow
Known just lately
It’s my home
If you are wandering around and find my door
Come inside and get yourself comfortable
I can’t afford to offer tea or coffee
Only have my words that you’ll adore or abhor


Temporary Emancipation

I feel empty.
You have all of me.
I live only for you.
I crave for temporary emancipation.
I have to fill the emptiness with joy and love,
By walking alone in the quiet night with short destination.
Free from rules, responsibilities and relentless emotions.
Strongly tied by cosmic thread, I can pull myself back.
You are destined for my unconditional love.
Love beyond words can describe.

Quotidian Intervention

Gazing at the lovely night sky becomes quotidian intervention.
It is painful nonetheless beautiful.
Sound of dog’s woof that echoes with humid wind is the only companion.
Piercing teeth on head craving for new thoughts,
Ravening for new feeling on skin.
Reminiscing bygone memories,
Transform to stories.
And now, last puff and the quotidian intervention is ending.
But continues until there’s no tomorrow.
Hanging by a thin thread woven with hopes, never be afraid.
There’s truth to the aphorism, “new day, new beginning”.


Delighting Little Flower

You think I’m comedy
And he’s action packed
Perfect combination of an entertaining movie
Boldly whispered,
“I’d prefer comedy, you’re funny hahaha”
You delighting little flower, I love you
Between my lungs was dancing to the tune of your laugh…
So wonderful to hear
My eyes were smiling while gazing at your beautiful face
Oh your sweet and innocent smile, I’d never forget
You’re an amazing scar engraved in my soul


I Won’t Give Up

I’m proud of you, of who you are
I’m always running out of words to describe you
I have no words of how much love
And care you have in your eyes and the way you stand…
You stand against the harsh world to protect us
How can I live without you, without our family?
I have no thoughts of that…
I would die a million times without you…
I’ll give you every breath of my life
With the smell of my love
I won’t give up