The Art Of Letting Go

It was so good
I swallowed you whole in a different form
What are you made of?

Oh, I feel chills down my spine
Goosebumps all over
Stomach’s crumbling
I want to run then jump
Heart is pounding out of my chest
I’m sweating
I love and hate this feeling

The longer I’m holding on
It becomes exasperating
I want to let you go
I want you out of my system
Time seems travelling faster than light
Everything is in order except this disorder
This is exhausting

Inside small gray tiled kingdom of my own
Sitting like a mad queen on a frigid throne
Yes I am here, I am here
Cold and quiet
Just what I wanted
Mind is flying at a minimum destination
While waiting for this moment of expulsion

A little squeeze
A little rage without calling names
Disgusting scent lingers in the air
Letting go
I now hear
You’re out just like that!
This is the art I master all my life


36 thoughts on “The Art Of Letting Go

    • “Inside small gray tiled kingdom of my own,
      Sitting like a mad queen on a frigid throne”

      Let me tickle your imagination 🙂 With those two lines above, you’ll sure get an idea what inspired me. We all find ourselves in such place 🙂


  1. What a great poem about love and what it can do to an individual; good and bad things. It is possible to let go but it is not easy. I can relate to this poem. I love lots of the lines. I also really appreciate the way you write free verse…

    Liked by 1 person

    • This could be about anything, not only love. It’s letting go of all the shit haha!! I thank you Jules for the wonderful comments you left, it warms my heart.. Have a great weekend to you 🙂


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