A Tale Of Two Continents

A Tale Of Two Continents

I dedicate this post to Maditjhab and to all of us.

I don’t know her
She doesn’t know me
I’m from Asia, in the South East
To be exact, Philippines
She is from Africa

Thousand kilometers away
We found each other two days ago through this bridge of technology
Oh was it two days ago?
Not sure though
We live in a different time zone, I really don’t know
We have different cultures, beliefs, knowledge and language
Different ways of living
But our words connect us to each other’s spirit
This is magic

You left me speechless with your message
When I was reading it, there was no smile on my face
But my heart until now is jumping for joy
My soul is singing loud, wishing you could hear it
Arms are wide open spreading love, wishing you could feel it

I am writing, never expecting any response from someone or somebody else
I am writing, hoping to find myself just like you.
I am writing, hoping to find sense.
With your beautiful message,
I have found new reasons to keep writing.
And that our thoughts and emotions through words,
All our words from the depths of our soul are worth sharing.



16 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Continents

  1. Wow….I didn’t expect all of this…wow… I really appreciate it.Thank you so much. This really made me to cry (tears of joy). It really means a lot and I believe that we need to be thankful to the most High for granting us the opportunity to explore various parts of the world, to connect to wonderful people like you and using only words to heal our wounded hearts with new hope and inspiration. Thank you.


  2. Reblogged this on Finding myself and commented:
    Words makes us travel through spaces,
    Explore the universe, seeing new faces,
    drawing us closer to met angels like you.
    Depicting pictures only known by us
    yet the man who claims that we live in disguise,
    he doesn’t know that we are beyond like sisters/brothers
    We are connected by one umbilical cord and nurtured by the warmest milk from the Universal mother…
    Some had found refuge under her warm blankets
    But I have found a place where I can call it home.

    Friends and Family. This deserved to be shared because it will forever remind me that words are the most powerful weapons to heal,build and restore hope.

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  3. “We have different cultures, beliefs, knowledge and language.
    Different ways of living.
    But our words connect us to each otherโ€™s spirit.
    This is magic”

    Yes ‘Magic’
    Great post..


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