History for me is like a fucked up fairytale story
There were Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses,
Knights, Castles, Dragons and Weapons
And so on…
They were in constant search of love,
Hope, dreams, language, culture and power
In constant search of recognition
And a place they can call their own
It had cost them millions of souls to vanish
Because of worthless objectives
At the end of it all the cycle goes on
In a different tone
With an offbeat hybrid of Kings and Queens
Selfie Queens from
The Kingdom of #butfirstletmetakeaselfie
Dickpic Kings from
The Kingdom of #thinkthatsright
And yes, you are reading it right!
These Kingdoms bow to the Princess of Twerk
And celebrate to Harlem Shake
Shaking but it ain’t even Harlem
Who’s to blame?After all
We are still searching for recognition
Some are taking pills that work like a magical potion
Others are taking painful trips to surgeons
To change how the world see the surface
And for the Prince Charming that would never appreciate
Carrying all ill feelings underneath the core of the bones
Until it breaks
You’ll only find recognition when you recognize
Who is standing straight right in front of the mirror on the wall
Don’t ask who’s the fairest of them all
Just hear the voice inside you
Saying, “You are the fairest of them all, after all!”




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