In and Out of Dreamland

You are watching
Every tick and tock of my body clock
Out of my hands

You are my shadow
I can only knock out
In the humming
Silence of the dark

I come out in the box
Of dreamland meadow
So classic yellow and crystal mellow
Free from sorrow

Bring hopes
Until the darkest
Dusk and dawn of tomorrow



Ants On The Ground

The world pass by

In infinite universe
We are evolving
Before our eyes could realize

Some dare to get off the line
Creating their own route
And end up…

The difference between us and the ants
Is that, we could express
With our minds
In the beat of our hearts
What would the world be?
If only…

Nimbostratus Bury My Dose Of Serotonin

And so …

I picture you
In a different form
A maelstrom
Never stop moving
And thinking
Into the deep

Persistently moving
With mind like a whirlwind
Desiring to glance at the abyss
Too deep
May possibly never reach

Amazed by surrounded mystery
We are bigger than our body
To change, walk, feel,
Experience and think
In dreams of reality
In realities of dream
Is our fate

Or else
We’ll explode into molecules,
Strike back to universe
I don’t really know
But, I have to believe
We have to believe
In something or nothing
A comforting way to stay living…

Fictional Reality

Angels on earth
Every inch of being
Curve with flawless scarred
Pieces of soul
Even with broken wings
We couldn’t fly
And hold with all our might
Mending broken wings
With gory and lovely memories
Sewing with indiscernible thread
Entwined by
Heals the gory past
Rejoices lovely departed memoirs
We will fly
We reach
Each other’s arms
In a world
We discern
Morph in new
And true
With no clue of tomorrow
After borrow
All that jazzy
May follow
We, two
We know
We are real
We will feel
Deep through the archaic layers of skin


She Has Walked Around The World

Once upon a time
There was a little child, she was five
She was at school
Before the bell echoed
She was sitting on a little chair in silence
On a baby blue and white checkered dress
White socks and a black baby doll shoes
She was cute!

She locked her eyes on the window
To gaze for her mother’s shadow
That signals, “I’m here, my love!”
And she thought if not,
“I’ll go home by foot and that’s alright!”

Time came
And all the little children she doesn’t know
Except for their faces
Were under the arms of their mothers
And she was standing
Waiting, but even the shadow did not show

She started to walk
With only thoughts of her own
Walked calmly but thoughts were running
And not ever stopping
“Keep walking until you reach home.”
Fearless as she may appear
Because she doesn’t know fear!

How far could she walk alone with only thoughts
Of her own and fear is still unknown?

She has walked around the world!

Beautiful Shithole

Intoxication, celebration
Depressing, living

Mystery how you can get through
The day with just a pocket
Full of rainbows
That can’t afford
Anything for an empty stomach
And so you fill it with air
That you swallow while laughing
Laughing about the sorrow
And dirt on your hands

You wash every day
And again
Until you can
You bury your pain and sorrow
Through the smile of those you love
The smile is enough
To be alive
In this beautiful shithole
A place you call your home

Soothe your pain
Wait in vain
Keep dreaming with grace
Hope and embrace
Even with a trace of broken promises

Same faces, same agenda, same lies
A perfect cycled vortex to hell and back
Until this beautiful shithole
Slides through the crack
To the mouth of croc

Witness To Realization

Every second is captured by new eyes
Framed in the corner of my mind
These moments
Written on this electronic paper
Acts as a witness to the emotion
That will soon pass by like time.
Comprehending the physical time
Committing to care, love, inspire and aspire for the padlock of flesh
With no mesh
To save if you escape
Your actions surpassed the promises you never made
You were my mind, heart, senses, arms and legs
Every time my thoughts knock me down
Every time my sweetest dreams turn to nightmare
Every time reality bites and I cry
You are my spirit I have never known
You are so strong and beautiful like a diamond