Beautiful Shithole

Intoxication, celebration
Depressing, living

Mystery how you can get through
The day with just a pocket
Full of rainbows
That can’t afford
Anything for an empty stomach
And so you fill it with air
That you swallow while laughing
Laughing about the sorrow
And dirt on your hands

You wash every day
And again
Until you can
You bury your pain and sorrow
Through the smile of those you love
The smile is enough
To be alive
In this beautiful shithole
A place you call your home

Soothe your pain
Wait in vain
Keep dreaming with grace
Hope and embrace
Even with a trace of broken promises

Same faces, same agenda, same lies
A perfect cycled vortex to hell and back
Until this beautiful shithole
Slides through the crack
To the mouth of croc


23 thoughts on “Beautiful Shithole

  1. ouch! ouch!Ouch!! ouch! Ouch!! ouch! ouch! Ouch!! OUCH!!! very cathartic! how exquisitely crushing to read poetry by a poet unafraid to take off her rose tinted glasses & see the beautiful brutality of life in all its gory glory! yours is such a soul as could seduce this ancient troubadour! ^^~~~~


  2. I enjoyed the writing. Very well done. As far as beauty in very pain and sorrow? Might disagree with you there. (Referring to comment above.) πŸ™‚ But I’m Lost Minded, see my Loss of…? article today for further explanation of that.
    Much Respect and Admiration
    And may I say that I love your name.


    • Thank you for your wonderful comment πŸ™‚

      Beauty can be defined in so many ways (just for me). In a garden full of roses some people would say, the flowers (roses) is the beauty and I’d say the thorns. As the thorns protect the roses to be picked out. And the bees and butterflies will stay happy. πŸ™‚

      Maybe your mind is just wandering, not lost and for me it’s totally ok πŸ™‚


  3. I have not read everything and I will surely read more. It seems to me you are forever throwing switches and the snippets of light you find are excitingly different. Be bolder! Throw yourself at the language, it will catch you!


  4. Vigilante in the making! Haha. I kid.

    Two thumbs up for this very bold post. It’s impressive how you seamlessly switch personas from the gentle muse to the feisty freeman without losing your distinct tone of poetry. This is but proof of that.

    Clenched fist salute, kabayan!

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  5. Comment on this:

    Deadly play of words! The title says it all. “Beautiful Shithole”

    Some people find beauty in chaos, in disarray, in mess, in hell while others are FORCED to find sightliness in it. The latter have no other option but to live with it, to be immune to it, and to fully embrace it until such a time that their brains have been rewired to accept things as is, to believe it is norm and to not want more.

    Still a larger fraction of this shithole populace still believe in hope and in blue skies; but are quick to forget of dignity and self-worth. These very same ones usually fall prey to the scheming buzzard who takes advantage of the hunger of the mind and the stomach. He tricks them into believing that he is a means to alleviate their sorry situations. So they cling to him and allow him to lord over them.

    Indeed, a very depressing cycle that needs to be put to an end. 😦

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