She Has Walked Around The World

Once upon a time
There was a little child, she was five
She was at school
Before the bell echoed
She was sitting on a little chair in silence
On a baby blue and white checkered dress
White socks and a black baby doll shoes
She was cute!

She locked her eyes on the window
To gaze for her mother’s shadow
That signals, “I’m here, my love!”
And she thought if not,
“I’ll go home by foot and that’s alright!”

Time came
And all the little children she doesn’t know
Except for their faces
Were under the arms of their mothers
And she was standing
Waiting, but even the shadow did not show

She started to walk
With only thoughts of her own
Walked calmly but thoughts were running
And not ever stopping
“Keep walking until you reach home.”
Fearless as she may appear
Because she doesn’t know fear!

How far could she walk alone with only thoughts
Of her own and fear is still unknown?

She has walked around the world!


15 thoughts on “She Has Walked Around The World

  1. lol! just read your walk! then encountered your intellectual property rights statement. i have been writing poetry since i was four years old. i copyright my works as a mere firmality to discourage plagerism. beyond that once a poem hits the public domain it takes on a life of its own! let them go! new words are already incubating in tomorrow’s nest! ❤


  2. Poignant! I am moved because I could feel the longing in that little girl… And how she bravely consoled and picked herself up after the disappointment… This just strikes a chord in me 🙂


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