To the Ghouls in Paradise

They are the stout ghouls in paradise precious beads
That stride like rotten creed of pure evil creation
Nature’s vilest oxymoron
Come on!
I’m inviting all of you to my humble home
“Have you eaten?” as I welcome you
Like mostly do
I have so much to offer
A grand buffet service
As my appreciation of your flamboyant injustice
Aromatic food from a maggot-slimed dumpster
Drinks concocted from sweat of senseless and endless poverties
Hollers of the helpless echo is the atrocious background music
Stories that will make you cry with no tears
This is the exact menu plan you serve to my country men

I am not patriotic
Nor idiotic
To see
All obscure sorrow and pain
That lingers through the tropical thin air
I could not bear to sit any longer
Oh how much I wanted to ambush each of you
One at a time
Strangle your fucking necks
With my invisible cloak
Until you all choke
From your pungent vomit
Then cut your eyelids
You’ll never ever blink
Bleed to dry
Even your saints and gods
Want to see you
Slowly die a million times
With wide open eyes
To see all of you agonize in your mists of surrender
Screaming all our names
Our conscience will never bother
White sands underneath your feet
How you rip inch by inch
Our dreams, hopes and spirit
Why are we still breathlessly standing?


7 thoughts on “To the Ghouls in Paradise

  1. …senseless and endless poverties…I really like that…everyday we see or hear in the media of such things…that it will never ever stop is such a sad reality…that economic structures rely on poverty…but this takes me away from your work shy and bold one…the problem is I’m not a very good reader…I tend to find lines or details that I like such as the quote above…I think an important part of the process of writing is that painful thing editing…the distilling down of your ideas…and on the positive side you have lots of ideas and your writing does have energy to it…something that keeps the reader afloat ;))
    And thanks for your kind remarks. They are appreciated ;)))


    • I could only agree. I see poverty first hand. And the media (special mention to media in this country, suckers for money) plays a great role in “programming” humanity that poverty, violence and wars are acceptable and that people living in some parts of the world would have to deal with it and some even for lifetime and their next generation.

      Thank you very much for the time to stop by. It’s truly kind of you to read and say.

      Have a great day!


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