Grayer than Gray Noon

Grayer than gray noon
Birds are chirping happily
Dogs are barking cautiously
Chimes outside the door are welcoming
The eyes to a new blissful memory
With the wind that blows gracefully

Grayer than gray noon
Lying here musing
In surreal atmosphere
Tickling my inner skin
Wide awake

Grayer than gray noon
Sunshine’s caressing my face
In a familiar place
Surrounded by strange
Form of love
I see doves
Flying through my left ear
Straight to a clear view of what is real

Grayer than gray noon
Time is passing
Leading to dry, of this high
Abandoned sly
Waves on and off the sea shore
Same goes to a man’s traitor

Battalion of faith could save
A soul from its undeserved grave



10 thoughts on “Grayer than Gray Noon

    • I’m really sure you can do it. I’m still learning as I am new to writing. I don’t know the technical aspects of writing. Most times when I write, I describe what my emotions “look like” using metaphor or even without towards the subject I’m writing about. If you have strong emotions towards the subject it won’t be hard.
      I hope this kind of writing process would help you 🙂


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