I Am Why

If life is a sun
I am the shine, to light the skies

If life is a color
I am the rainbow, smiling after the rain

If life is a tree
I am the roots, holding thoroughly
Sturdy, giving fruits

If life is a sea
I am the wave, carrying fishes to the shore

If life is a night
I am the moon, talking to alone

If life is a silence
I am the sound

If life is a time
I am now


Life is life

A big question mark


I am why


…Because I am


19 thoughts on “I Am Why

  1. […] Diwata In Lalaland, was one of the first blogs i stumbled upon WordPress, when i created this refuge for my words and drawings. In the beginning i wasn’t sure i really wanted to expose what my feelings were, or my drawings (they are very personal to me) to unknown people behind a laptop screen.. Not that all people who ‘know’ me, are aware i have a blog. However, there came Diwata, reading her words, i instantly, felt a connection, a bonding. and i felt certain that creating this blog was a good idea. Time passed by, meeting new wonderful poetic souls full of colors, photography, short stories and illustrations. We are all one. inspiring each other. loving and creating, thinking, learning from each other and collaborating(subconsciously). So this drawing, may have started as a birthday gift to Diwata, late January, but it was more of an expression of appreciation for her blog, thanking her, for just being there in the Philippines, far away from where i am, healing me with her words.. I want to show my appreciation to other blogs as well at some point. It will take me some time to do so but it will happen, eventually.I have her authorization to post it here so enjoy…ahaha! https://diwatainlalaland.wordpress.com/2014/08/19/i-am-why/ […]


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