I see a dragonfly
As I look out the window
And the sunshine bounce
Straight to my eyes
Sets the tone of my emotions

Thousands of fragments
In front of my face
Unreliable source says
Each day we see 15,000 images
Totally too much
How about those at my back and in the dark?

They cease to exist
Maybe not
My mind is not loose broadly
To process and comprehend
Ever more, I extend my existence
In my own and someone else’s
Lucid dream, nightmare or daydream

At times
When I open my eyes
I wonder where I am
And I always know the answer

*image from the internet


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. I really like this one. Even with some English words I didn’t know by hard, you get to put some images in my head while reading this. Very strong and good last paragraph by the way. Really like a “And now think about this” ending. Let the pen write your mind, day by day.

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