I’ve lived all my life in the archipelago

Green, yellow
And brown leaves
Hustle with mist
As the sound of dead, weak trees
Creak at every push of the wind

Sea teeming with wonders of the deep
Boats with billowed sails
Glide gracefully slicing waves
And caress, the white sand shore
Salty breeze evokes
Memories of yore

Mountain ranges look like elegant giant beasts
That might one day
Stir and stride
Shake the earth
Then leave

Magnificent sunset divulged
Grotesque reality
The promises of miracle, magic, and hope
But it always turns out
To be a bar of soap

I’m on this platform so let me ask
What if the soap slips from my hand?
How long does it melt and last?


I bleed in front of my words


Ineffable Union


Not Peter but a family guy
A smoke to my high


It’s easier to split an atom in half


Our Love,


All the silver threads of tears
Fell like snow flakes on our faces

Ineffable union

Dedicated to Ry my love also my best friend :). Thank you for all the love and support. Happy birthday, alabyah! 💗





Incubating words

Turn over

Upward, downward

Left, right

Penumbra conflate

Twist and turn

New image

Different pattern

A middle finger to the sky

Smile bigger than a man

Ghostly tear of heaven

Fruit of the flower

Dark matter

Black hole