Incubating words

Turn over

Upward, downward

Left, right

Penumbra conflate

Twist and turn

New image

Different pattern

A middle finger to the sky

Smile bigger than a man

Ghostly tear of heaven

Fruit of the flower

Dark matter

Black hole



8 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. This is my favorite piece here on your page. 🙂

    Specially the last line/word! Hahaha. I imagine falling into a blackhole and being “spaghettified!”. Also, the altered version of Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam with the Noodle Deity suddenly came into my mind. I love it when poems paint me images or evoke past memories 🙂

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    • Maraming Salamat Caloy!! You know this was just a random thought, I’m more than happy you connected with this writing! Amazing!

      “Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam with the Noodle Deity suddenly came into my mind.”
      — your mind is art, lovely, I picture it!!

      Now let’s put our middle finger to the sky to our corrupt government!!! And then, let’s continue to help each other (in any ways we can) we can do this!!!

      Sa susunod mong pagbisita, kung may oras ka, hanapin mo yung “Beautiful Shithole” at “To The Ghouls In Paradise”, sinulat ko yun bilang isang Filipino.. Salamat ulit!


  2. The pleasure’s mine. This page of yours is like a new sanctuary I would love to visit every now and then – a refuge from the noisy real world and a place where I can just let my thoughts wander freely. (Sorry if I sound like exaggerating but I speak truth.)

    Both middle fingers up to any politician whose promises of progress suddenly morphed into personal gains! I try to avoid complaining whenever I see how much of my pay goes to taxes because I trust it’ll be put into good use. However, hearing all these stories of corruption and pocketing of government funds make me want to curse incessantly. Nakakalungkot na nakakakulo ng dugo.

    But I would gladly raise my “middle babies”, too to any “kupal” (sorry for the term) Filipino citizen who demands so much from the government but does not do his fair share. Andami kong kakilalang sobra kung maka-angal sa gobyerno pero mga sinilang ring batugan at walang direksiyon sa buhay. I don’t know how else to “cure” them.

    I pray I’d still see that day when we’ll finally get the right mix of leaders and citizens. I guess at this point in our lives as Filipinos, we need a massive cultural and educational reform; plus people’s reorientation and reinforcement of “proper” values and morals.

    The country’s state is analogous to someone suffering from cancer. Hindi na madadala sa mga gamot na pangsinat o lagnat. Kailangan na i-chemo para magsurvive. And it’ll take a leader who has the guts, the vision, the unwavering political will and the iron balls to show the rest of us how it is supposed to be done.

    Regarding that Michaelangelo painting, you can search up that image on Google. It has been a couple of years ago since I first laid eyes on that “noodle” image when it started circulating around the net. Both interesting and mind-boggling. Haha.

    Will definitely check them out. In fact, I am about to “devour” them after posting this very comment.

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    • Although Kaleidoscope is not about the gov’t.. I’ll take the rest of your comment here as a collaboration for Beautiful Shithole, you said it all, what was in my mind when wrote BS… Keep writing you have it in you, just keep writing kapatid!! Intayin mo babalik ako sa blog mo!! Haha magandang gabi sa’yo! Salamat ulit!


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