I’ve lived all my life in the archipelago

Green, yellow
And brown leaves
Hustle with mist
As the sound of dead, weak trees
Creak at every push of the wind

Sea teeming with wonders of the deep
Boats with billowed sails
Glide gracefully slicing waves
And caress, the white sand shore
Salty breeze evokes
Memories of yore

Mountain ranges look like elegant giant beasts
That might one day
Stir and stride
Shake the earth
Then leave

Magnificent sunset divulged
Grotesque reality
The promises of miracle, magic, and hope
But it always turns out
To be a bar of soap

I’m on this platform so let me ask
What if the soap slips from my hand?
How long does it melt and last?


I bleed in front of my words



17 thoughts on “7,107

  1. The first two stanzas carry me to a world of beauty and then suddenly there is a shift to a grotesque reality in the last stanzas. I keep re-reading hoping to find the poem coming from the first two stanzas continued. Maybe someday you will finish this poem the way you began. I will keep reading and hoping…


    • This is about my country, Philippines which is composed of 7,107 islands although roughly 2,000 are inhabited. The first two stanzas depicted its beauty, I could say more about how much this country is blessed by mother nature. I’m living in a comfortable life with food on my plate, oh how much love and care I receive every day, the smiles and laughter. But with all these beauty once I step my foot outside the door is the reality. The island is overpopulated without any concern for resources to feed the many mouths, deforestation, and socio-economic issues (believe me there’s too many to mention). You can read this post Beatiful Shithole that’s how I see poverty. And that most people living here including myself hold on to promises of miracles, magic and hope that someday we see a change. Then I ask myself those questions.

      Thanks Phil for the read, appreciate it 🙂

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      • Yes I know what you are saying, we also have many problems in the US, you would not believe it unless you lived here. But for me the true beauty of nature, can be a source of inspiration, a nourishment of the spirit to give us the strength and courage to take on the powers that be and change our societies to what they should be, to be worthy of the nature, the planet we live on. That is the poem I would like to see, maybe someday you will write it. I probably will never get to visit the Philippines, but I thought that is what you were referring to, and I can tell it must be incredible.


    • But doesn’t that count depend on the tide?
      – yep, when it’s high tide different figures have been showing but the most generally know is 7,100. It could be less than expected due to climate change

      And who has the most gunboats off the Spratlys today?
      – China. Malaysia sent out their patrol vessel too. It’s sad that after centuries there are still those who’d “fight for lands”. What’s it for? Recognition? Greed? Power? I would never understand their reasons.


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