It seems like I have known you…
Before I even smell your skin
If this is what “Live in the now” means
Oh I want this now to be forever…


December Breeze

It’s amazing to fall

Thinking of your eyes

We are separated by millions of stars

But that… hhmmm

That look in our eyes

Always makes me smile


Last night, I wished upon a falling star

It was magical…

Soft and sweet…

I love…, I love….

This December breeze….


I wish everyone a magical holiday and a New Year full of smiles. Cheers!!!


mutual admiration (Sunlight-Moonlight)

One of the unique arts I’ve found in WordPress lately.   If you love drawings,  illustrations and visual poetry,  you’ll love this blog:



Without Logic, I become an animal…Am I a predator or someone else’s breakfast?

Without a heart, I am dead meat, but then, why can’t I rest in peace?

Without feelings, I’m a Kalashnikov, killing everything that may cause me pain or joy.

Without love, I am incapable of forgiving. I am self-centered.

Without forgiveness, I am unable to recognize my own mistakes.

Without peace, I am a trouble maker.

Without a mind, I am ready to accept. My heart becomes the major player and fear is out of question.

Without fear, I am willing to take the risk. More yes than no.

Without speech, I am suffocating on my own thoughts.  I no longer speak my own truth. I’m drowning.

Without a body, I can live forever.

Without a family, I am a stray cat, meowing for shelter and affection.

Without awareness I am NOT.

Without trees, I cannot breathe.

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Either One or Another

Almost all choose to suffer
Some for the sake of art, poetry or habit
Others because they think that they have found love
More so, because the love of the world responded with the love of life
And have found happiness by understanding suffering


This was sparked by the movie “Venuto al mondo” (Twice Born).