It seems like I have known you…
Before I even smell your skin
If this is what “Live in the now” means
Oh I want this now to be forever…


16 thoughts on “Now

    • Cheers! Sure it does feel like forever but then, when I see the sun rising this “forever” becomes a memory, that will last a lifetime or maybe forever.. Ahaha well I don’t know, forever is such a crazy word

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      • i learn from universe not from human beings, i mean the universe is more perfect than humans, so i choose the best, a star can live more than 10 bilion years but than he changes is status,Everything change and the creator is the energy. People who are ready inside for change are mostly real and live things as they are in a true and full way Is it difficult ? oh yes it is …. long life and short death Diwata Namaste….

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          • i will tell no lies …. so is written ah ah ah ah ah 4 is the human perfection 5 is the perfection i think we are ruled by numbers and everything is a matrix is a logaritm i’m really sure about this even if is difficult tell you in eng why i’m sure but little things are like big things if you take a few millimetres of a river where the water touch the land and you enlarge it many time you will obtain a Norwegian fjord without any dubt and this means the reality can be creted by a logarithm


    • Thank you for the kind words dear Hannah.. These are my personal journal went published. The song is called ” angels” by wax poetic feat. Nora Jones (she’s perfect for this song as she sounds like an angel). I’m glad you liked it. Have a great day/night to you 🙂

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