Look At The Stars Tonight

My hand is shaking as I start to write with a pen

I am much at ease typing

Somehow I become a robot

Like a program, encrypted with codes

Will I ever decipher who I am?

Will you?

Who are you?

What are you made of?

Look from the inside of your eyes

What do you see?

Do you see me?


My hand is no longer shaking

But my words dissolved before it slip from my lips

Does the wind able to catch any of it and carry them to the stars?

Only you can tell

When you look at the stars tonight…


7 thoughts on “Look At The Stars Tonight

  1. Dear Diwata,

    Thank you for this wonderfully powerful poem.

    You have expressed the quest of all quests which begin and end with: Who am I?

    Very beautiful…

    All good wishes,



    • Thank you Robert for a constant reader of my writings. You always leave a kind feedback, I’m glad you can find connections in my writings. There’s nothing better than that I guess..

      I wish you all smiles tonight 🙂


    • Thanks trotter for the read!

      You know 3 or 4 years ago I tried to draw but my imagination was bad and I’m “color stupid” ahahaha. My first drawing was not that bad I guess but I never tried again. And then last year (2014) January 3 (same date you left the comment) was the day I tried to write my first poem.

      “Under The Tree”
      New day, new year
      Clear sunny day
      Under the shade of a tree
      Feeling the breeze
      Breathing the air
      Listening to the rustle of leaves
      A perfect moment of peace…

      And from then on I keep writing… Poetry indeed 🙂


  2. As i gaze upon those stars tonight, they will electrify those memories of reading your written work…

    Thank you for dropping by to have a read.


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