In The Moment In Time

It is really weird what I’m feeling…
It is really amazing, the connection that I feel
So strong between us and everything…

It is so sweet
To fall thinking of your eyes
Different from mine
But alike in spirit
And experiences
It is especially the experiences

We are bound by
A thin and invisible thread
Woven with
Our tears…
Our suffering without meaning…
Our losses so hard…

This evening,
The moon is teasing…
Wherever I am
It is our destiny
I love you…
To have loved your thoughts
The way you look…

I never thought that something I could never hold
Will take possession of my heart but most of my mind
I really have no more thoughts of how much love there was
In all our actions and words
I breathe for you… and everything is alive…

But now,
I cannot stop thinking about it
Every time I think of you…
My thoughts of you…
Come to me…
Come into my heart and mind…
And from there…
You never move


11 thoughts on “In The Moment In Time

  1. Hi Diwata,

    I very much like this “love in the moment.” This wonderful poem has brought me, again, to reflect on how we are all so seemingly different from one another. And yet we are all sourced from the same Reality. How can we be different, beyond superficialities like appearance and culture?

    Thank you so much for this creation.

    All good wishes,


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Robert, I’m glad you’ve found connections from this writing. All I know is we are all the same. I can’t explain myself further now, maybe I would write about it when I find the words. Have a great day to you 🙂


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