The Art Of Letting Go

Walking through the ruins in my mind… I remember now…

Diwata in Lalaland

It was so good

I swallowed you whole in a different form

What are you made of?

Oh  I feel chills down my spine

Goosebumps all over

Stomach’s crumbling

I want to run then jump

Heart is pounding out of my chest

I’m sweating

I love and hate this feeling

The longer I’m holding on

It becomes exasperating

I want to let you go

I want you out of my system

Time seems travelling faster than light

Everything is in order except this disorder

This is exhausting

Inside small gray tiled kingdom of my own

Sitting like a mad queen on a frigid throne

Yes I am here

I am here

Cold and quiet

Just what I wanted

Mind is flying at a minimum destination

While waiting for this moment of expulsion

A little squeeze

A little rage without calling names

Disgusting scent lingers in the air




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Our Dance – A Collaboration with Geo.Kalpataru

Illustration by: Geo.Kalpataru

As your tears begin to fall
At the darkest night before dawn…

Drop everything on the ground!
We will dance!
Dance in trance with my existence…
I Am, The Shaman
Chant with the beat of my heart
Come closer, open your mouth
Breathe my breath, my life
To the very essence…
Breathe in… Breathe out…
Until the water in the clouds dry out
And the sun comes,
Behind the mountains…
You are healing.  I am healing.
We are healing.  They are healing.

Now, look at me in The Eye
Slow grind your thoughts with mine…
Lose my Self inside your Self
Until you find me
Drenched in the colors of your energy
Transform them to memories
Into expression
Into poetry
Not your ordinary fairytale story

The wind brings the feel of spring…
Ahh The Fountain…
Like trees and flowers
We will blossom once again…
And in this divine intervention
Life is no longer a sadist
We are no longer the masochists
We are here…
Slowly moving…
Mind, body and soul…

My swirling words dancing with Geo.Kalpataru’s vibrant colors and we’d like you to join us.  So get up,  brain cells wake up, stir our souls and let’s all dance, to healing!! Do visit his blog, he’s got myriad collection of illustrations and poetry.

Thank you very  much Geo, keep dancing for us all! 🙂