Who I Seek

Who I Seek

I shuffle around
Under the sunshine
With all the visible…
Under the moonlight
With all the unknown…
To match your frequency and vibration

I shatter my mind
While the heart,
Sings the melody…
Walk through the ruins
Swim in the cosmic sea
To come to you…
I find me…


22 thoughts on “Who I Seek

  1. Hi,

    What a wonderful poem this is which mentions walking through ruins. I’ve heard it said that there are jewels hidden deep within ruins. They remain, largely, unknown, even protected, as few take the time to walk through ruins.

    You, me, I…so such a wonderful poem!

    Thank you!

    All good wishes,


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    • Thank you Robert πŸ™‚

      I once told my dear friend that walking through the ruins, it’s beauty and madness (yes, there are jewels too, glad you pointed it out)… It is always wonderful of you to stop by lalaland and shed your light πŸ™‚

      Some good thoughts for you πŸ™‚

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    • I know this song, “Echoes”!! (although I was listening to some boom boom tak takatak kinda song when I wrote this).. There’s truth from this song!
      Let’s put it here, let’s Pink Floydify this blog, let’s fly through the clouds, forest, mountains, aurora borealis to the cosmic paradise!!!

      Thanks 4t4m4t4 for reminding me of this song, I forgot about this! I’m sending some tropical sunshine to you, Italy and your blog!!!

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  2. Diwita – Firstly I love all your catch phrases. They are inspiational. Who I Seek really moved me. It is so true true to life, my life too. I will be reading more of your poetry over time. Thank you for liking “I Will Never Forget” by the way…..

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    • Thank you Jules for the words and welcome to lalaland πŸ™‚ i’m more than happy you have found connection with my short words. Isn’t liberating to finally find oneself? You write beautifully if i may say… I’m glad for the follow, i’ll check your blog later πŸ™‚ thank you

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