My Heart’s Too Drunk To Drive Last Night

Love, oh love
My desire for you knows no bounds
Intoxicated with passion,
Caress you like the wild sea waves
On the sandy pure shore
With each touch,
I pull back some small grains of you to me
Until our atoms dance intertwined,
The electric nuclear Salsa, a fusion

As the moon, the satellite
You are always in my gaze,
Caught in the gravitational pull of enigmatic longing
Dazed with cravings of your presence
Oh, consume me
As the candle’s flame consumes the thin, smooth air
Like a light absorbing the dark
Until our essences are one

Worshiping your splendor
Whispering your name into the starlight
And let it slide…
Within, Without…

Love, oh love
My heart…

Moon In Space Within

Floating in space
With your presence
We are full of love, little Stars
In the dark
We are illuminating so bright
Oh dear little Stars,
Let me be your Moon,
Your satellite…
In circles,
I dance around your magnificence
Devour your stellar essence
And be your gravitational influence

My words are getting bigger,
Enough, to consume you…
I am full, ready to explode
Now writing the feelings,
To whisper in your ears:
“We have no memories of our beginnings…
We are here…
Consciously breathing
Loving and supporting
Creating and inspiring
Dreaming within dreams
Chasing liberty
Questioning reality
We are so much more…
We are shifting, evolving…
We are becoming, nothing…
We are the Truth we are seeking…
We are one and everything…
Look within…”

Warmest thanks to friends for the surprises, love, inspiration and support.  Your presence lightens up the sky like the rays of the morning sun. 🙂 ❤

To JeniKriszta, Geo, Cabrogal, Robert and all!!!