Moon In Space Within

Floating in space
With your presence
We are full of love, little Stars
In the dark
We are illuminating so bright
Oh dear little Stars,
Let me be your Moon,
Your satellite…
In circles,
I dance around your magnificence
Devour your stellar essence
And be your gravitational influence

My words are getting bigger,
Enough, to consume you…
I am full, ready to explode
Now writing the feelings,
To whisper in your ears:
“We have no memories of our beginnings…
We are here…
Consciously breathing
Loving and supporting
Creating and inspiring
Dreaming within dreams
Chasing liberty
Questioning reality
We are so much more…
We are shifting, evolving…
We are becoming, nothing…
We are the Truth we are seeking…
We are one and everything…
Look within…”

Warmest thanks to friends for the surprises, love, inspiration and support.  Your presence lightens up the sky like the rays of the morning sun. 🙂 ❤

To JeniKriszta, Geo, Cabrogal, Robert and all!!!

14 thoughts on “Moon In Space Within

  1. REALLY nice. i am keeping two sentences that actually spoke to me (i am not going to share what they told me..ha ha ha)
    1. . We have no memories of our beginnings…
    2. We are becoming, nothing…
    awesome whisperings DiwataInLalaland..
    love and appreciation to everyone

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  2. Greetings,

    What a wonderful poem!!

    We love so many of the meanings here, the words, the combinations, the allusions. We very much like a meaning which we’re left with of becoming, being, a part of something much, much bigger. Devouring…being devoured.

    And your kind words at the end are so nice. Thank you for sharing all of this.

    We are so very happy to share this planet with you. Your presence gives ours meaning 🙂

    All good wishes,


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  3. There are so many things I like about this, Diwata of Dreamland.
    …. Consciously breathing
    Loving and supporting
    Creating and inspiring
    Dreaming within dreams
    I have taken days to reply, just soaking in this warmth like a lizard on a rock. Beautiful ❤

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  4. There is indeed a way we drift in the space of our own lives, shining ever brighter through its scenes and constructs– gravitationally orbiting the moment in which we catch fire and become a luminous whisper filling space. You capture this innate beauty of becoming powerfully here. Thank you for the heart whispers…


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