My Heart’s Too Drunk To Drive Last Night

Love, oh love
My desire for you knows no bounds
Intoxicated with passion,
Caress you like the wild sea waves
On the sandy pure shore
With each touch,
I pull back some small grains of you to me
Until our atoms dance intertwined,
The electric nuclear Salsa, a fusion

As the moon, the satellite
You are always in my gaze,
Caught in the gravitational pull of enigmatic longing
Dazed with cravings of your presence
Oh, consume me
As the candle’s flame consumes the thin, smooth air
Like a light absorbing the dark
Until our essences are one

Worshiping your splendor
Whispering your name into the starlight
And let it slide…
Within, Without…

Love, oh love
My heart…


38 thoughts on “My Heart’s Too Drunk To Drive Last Night

  1. Greetings,

    Oh what a truly lovely, powerful poem you have created and shared! Thank you for doing so :).

    We love so many of your word-gems including:

    “electric nuclear salsa”


    “Dazed with cravings of your presence”


    “Whispering your name into the starlight.”

    All good wishes,


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    • Thank you Kriszta for the Love Waves you shared from Hungary, it reached the islands of the Philippines, night feels perfect! I’m pouring ‘divine love’ on your glass now, cheers!! Let’s get drunk, love!! ❤❤❤ kisses to your magical little one 🙂

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    • Haha Thank you Caloy for being here… Haha learn the steps eh!?
      Here, watch this video but it’s only a warm up… So there, practice it, learn it…. And when you learn the steps by heart, come back to learn the steps for the final performance haha!! Enjoy brother!!

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      • Haha. Saw the vid. My jaw almost dropped! Haha. The pair in the vid totally slayed that routine. My limited dance skills can’t even match a quarter of their talent. Hahaha. I think I’ll pass. Terpsichore wasn’t that generous to me. Haha.

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    • Dear Anand, warmest thanks and welcome here 🙂 Your “Mystic Passion” poem that I “liked” is like a sister (or a twin or even a partner) of this poem.. Both celebrating, love and life 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday.


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