Goodbye WordPress!!!

This blog exists as my journal, a nest for my thoughts.  I am not a writer, a poet nor a “messenger”.  I am just a regular person trying to share my story.  My ability to express my self and feelings through poetry was born after my mother gone out of existence.  Writing poetry becomes a companion while I was in the darkest corner of my life.  Putting up this blog to share my words made me grow exponentially beyond my expectations and imagination, and eventually showed me the light.   And it also gave me an opportunity to meet like-minded souls from across the world through interactions here on WordPress.  I see that we are all here to connect and share our gifts to each other.

Breaking my silence, I am not and never will be a co-conspirator nor a secret collaborator of any blogs or story you’ll find here on WordPress.  I am writing for myself and sharing it to everyone.  I am not writing specifically for anyone, especially not for you!  I am not playing hide-and-seek over here. I am not your necessity for your self-interest dreams and endeavor.  I am a being, who is trying really hard day in and day out to make my life meaningful after so many tragic life events.  You preach about love and unity but you set up a boundary full of hostility.  I wonder how you can sleep at night…

My world doesn’t revolve around here, I have a life outside this blog.  So I am saying goodbye now, this is the only way to protect my loved ones, friends and my self from the conclusions of someone else’s story.

I am truly grateful to those who showed their sincere support, I know who you are and you’ll never be forgotten.

Come Home

At the edge of the desert
I turned to a Coyote…
Eyes blazing like Peyote buttons
Transforming limitations
Into horizons…
I serve to test,
The boundaries of possibilities
And order…

Trickster-perfect and animal-sincere
I hide between the lines
And between the lies
Drawn by culture…
Challenging boundaries
And extending comfort zones,
By measuring the grand
Flexibility of the cosmos
Against the obstinacy of humanity…

All I want to say is,
I’m sorry…
Come home
To me…

Rise Again

Do not fear and admire
They are just distorted beliefs from desire…

So step into me…
The flesh-eating plants
And flowers armed with lethal shafts,
Are not here…
They belong to me, so don’t worry…
Stay on the path
Revealed by the magnificent Moonlight
And arrive safely in my hut
The door will open
If you are pure of heart

If you fear the reverberating ground
The roar of raging river
The startling clap of thunder
Then go on, keep hiding…
This whole sky is not for you…
If you want to be torn apart
Be shattered and devoured
Be set ablaze by my fire
Then come…

I will not leave you as you have come:
Glass armor
Finely-weaved costumes
Masked face
To keep you safe…
Ha! I will leave you naked
Biting and howling, grazing the ground
Leave you surrounding by falcons and owls
Leave you with orchids that only bloom
When no one is watching

So come to me…
Be broken and healed
In the darkness and lightness
Of who you are
In this unbearable heat…
There is nothing in you that frights me
Nothing in you that I will not destroy to make you grow
I will plant a seed in the moment of your disaster
And make sure that you shall rise again…