Goodbye WordPress!!!

This blog exists as my journal, a nest for my thoughts.  I am not a writer, a poet nor a “messenger”.  I am just a regular person trying to share my story.  My ability to express my self and feelings through poetry was born after my mother gone out of existence.  Writing poetry becomes a companion while I was in the darkest corner of my life.  Putting up this blog to share my words made me grow exponentially beyond my expectations and imagination, and eventually showed me the light.   And it also gave me an opportunity to meet like-minded souls from across the world through interactions here on WordPress.  I see that we are all here to connect and share our gifts to each other.

Breaking my silence, I am not and never will be a co-conspirator nor a secret collaborator of any blogs or story you’ll find here on WordPress.  I am writing for myself and sharing it to everyone.  I am not writing specifically for anyone, especially not for you!  I am not playing hide-and-seek over here. I am not your necessity for your self-interest dreams and endeavor.  I am a being, who is trying really hard day in and day out to make my life meaningful after so many tragic life events.  You preach about love and unity but you set up a boundary full of hostility.  I wonder how you can sleep at night…

My world doesn’t revolve around here, I have a life outside this blog.  So I am saying goodbye now, this is the only way to protect my loved ones, friends and my self from the conclusions of someone else’s story.

I am truly grateful to those who showed their sincere support, I know who you are and you’ll never be forgotten.


19 thoughts on “Goodbye WordPress!!!

  1. The internet and Blog world are where come to live out their personal fantasy without restraint, they feel they can say or write anything.

    My grandmother told me that “we all have a right to an opinion but we don’t have a right to share it”. Respect is so important. I hope all goes well for the future

    Today matters and understanding why you feel this way is 50% of the way to doing something about. Live life and love it.

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  2. Dearest beautiful Diwata, I’m sorry to hear this but know that you have touched hearts. I’m so grateful to share this universe with you. Leave a message in my nest if you want to. I’m travelling and have been at geo’s paradise island . We will meet one day somewhere beautiful and drink that wine! Much love jeni

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