Hello, mothafuckin’ Universe!
I’m back from the dead…

Diwata in Lalaland

Does God exist?
Yes and no

But then who governs the Universe?
Nobody and all

A countless unknown forces run the world
Once strong, once weak

Whoever creates more power will rule
And then
Lose its grip

We are all energy droplets in the cosmic sea
Going who knows where
Doing who knows what

Today alive
Tomorrow dead

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26 thoughts on “X

  1. Well that grand entrance sure made my day.

    I was starting to think you were really an OS from the movie Her. Existing only on computer. Making everyone fall in love with you. Then vanishing on some obscure psycho-spiritual quest and leaving us to fend for ourselves. The fact you introduced me to The Moon Song seemed a pretty unsubtle hint.

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    • Should be grand…

      Making everyone fall in love with you.

      –Nah, when I started to write and put them on public, here on WordPress, I just wanted the readers to think and feel, and somehow experience what’s it like to be me… what’s it like to be where I am without expectations from them. If they find connections and get inspired, I’m happy. I receive love everyday (and still receiving-giving) here, everywhere and it’s enough for me. I’m happy,complete.
      Ha I think my voice sounds a little better than Scarlett Johansson, go and ask my cosmic dance partner. Peace to you and all!


  2. Greetings,

    I like this a lot.

    What a powerful and succinct way of summarizing existence! I am so very glad that you are back from the dead, a return available to us all :).

    All good wishes,


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    • Thanks Nygma! Mmm I’ve never seen you here before, so welcome!
      In Philippine Mythology, Diwata (based on Sanskrit Devata) is a dryad-like spirit and they are said to live in large trees, ha! And also guardian spirits of nature. So as my name suggest, you are right!

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    • Oh Richard I’m not a pro.. I don’t have a concrete recommendation for you as I don’t know you. Maybe I would somehow.
      You know it was never easy and it’s not even easy for me to put in words. Maybe some days, I’ll write about it.


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