In the Arms of Infinite Love

Thinking of you…
Asking questions
Trying to find answers…
Who would have thought of all this?

Who would have thought
That the fire in your eyes
That the sound of your stoned voice
(Seducing my inner skin…)
Would be enough
To make me
Lose my breath…
And who would have ever thought
That your ancient songs
That your splash of colorful exhibitions
(Spilling through the sphere…)
Would be enough
To make it through
The crevices of my heart…

And give me the answer
To the question I’ve never asked…

Such knowing…
I’m bleeding
Feeling so alive…
It’s like being held
By the arms of infinite love
It feels like Home
It feels like I’m all the way back
Where, We, come from…
Where, We, belong…


20 thoughts on “In the Arms of Infinite Love

  1. Greetings,

    What a wonderful jewel of writing you have created and shared! The words – their meaning – pull us in the direction of where we’re from, and toward where we belong. Beautifully powerful writing.

    All good wishes,


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  2. Diwata I have missed you, too. I am late in re-discovering your presence here on-line, and I am excited to have a moment to read through your pieces and get caught up. This one was powerful good!


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    • I wonder why you opened your remarks like that… Anyway, please feel free to have a moment to roam around and read through my writings. Thanks for the kind words, Michael. Peace to you, also.


      • Hi Diwata, I opened my remarks that way because the previous commenter said she missed you, and I thought you had taken a hiatus for a while and then come back… and while you were away I thought from time to time about your site here and wondered if you would come back to write more poems… So I missed you, too– I missed your writing. That is all…



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