Sweet Firelight

You drift
Like a sweet firelight
Irresistibly traverse
On my paper sky…

And as I grow closer
You kiss my lips
Then, give me the words to say
(I love you…)
As I pen…

Dedicated to those who have never forgotten their roles. To those who smile to others, and weeps alone. Firelight for us all!


18 thoughts on “Sweet Firelight

  1. A smile is like a boomerang, it hitting back – sometimes we forget that it isn’t something we only do for others but we’ll be paid back by the same coin – tax free… 🙂

    Enjoy your smile and send a huge one back, have a wonderful weekend… 🙂

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    • Smile is like a boomerang, such a nice thought. I thought of smile as a rainbow (I am the rainbow, smiling after the rain – from I Am Why post). Now I can conclude that, smile is a curve that can straighten everything.. Ahaha just a thought… Smiling back at you:)Have a lovely Sunday Drake!

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