I Crash Into You

The sea breeze
Caress my skin…
And delight my lips
With a swaying featherlike touch…
It’s like a heave of ecstatic breath,
Whispering luscious kisses on my neck,
As I zealously try to preserve my balance…

Your gravitational pull,
Creates waves in my spaces
And gently tugs at my heart…
It’s from you,
The silhouettes of your motion
That makes me whirl, then I write,
And the stars revolve around…

As I spin out of control,
Dancing on the edge of the world…


32 thoughts on “I Crash Into You

    • Thanks, NEKNEERAJ! Yep, loved that line too 🙂 Though my favorite line is “gravitational pull, creates waves”, I read an article last Saturday, scientists announced on the day I posted this poem (11 Feb) that it’s proven after 100 years that Einstein was correct, gravitational waves exist! Such an awesome coincidence. I’ll fly through the clouds and give Einstein a knuckle bump! 🙂

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  1. That is one riveting poem, Diwata.

    By the way here’s what I have promised before:


    I woke up from a nap
    I walked towards the sala
    I gazed at the window
    I saw flickering lights from a familiar citadel upon peering over the horizon
    Placid houses occupied the visible grounds; the snore from each echoed through my ears
    I looked to my left…a blank wall
    I turned to my right…an idle coiled drake
    I breathed deeply
    Then took one more gander at the outside that slowly metamorphosed into pitch-black
    I smiled.

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    • Salamat Sony!

      Eh bakit hindi mo pinost sa page mo?! This is very nice, really. It’s like watching a scene in a movie or something like that. ahahahaa, “metamorphosed into pitch-black. I smiled” – Hmmm, maybe I know what you see, ahaha but I maybe wrong. This is really nice writing, you should keep writing! 🙂


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