If life is a silence, I am the sound –  I Am Why 

Silence crawls,
Unravels old wounds
Makes me bleed
And exude burgundy tears
Of purity’s uncertainty…

It’s like standing
In the crypt’s icy wind,
Shivers my flesh,
My bones underneath…
And graze away
Whatever is left of my warm,
Tattered heart…
A never healing scars…
Yet, this Silence
Enfolds me to safety,
As it nourish
Insatiably on my sanity…

Then again,
I would delightedly listen
To your vexatious animosity…
Feel your sword words thrust,
Shredding my heart…
And passionately devour
Your putrefying apple lullabies
While I remain in Lotus stance…

Well, I believe
There is immensity
In ascetic Silence…
Than your imprudent act
Of stabbing to death
All the love,
Seeds I have planted…


43 thoughts on “Silence

      • Maharshi was one of the most respected 20th century sages of advaita (Indian non-dualism). I don’t know that I’d necessarily recommend the writings attributed to him though. He didn’t speak English and it’s been translated rather indifferently and often second-hand from Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. More importantly is that his main subject was inexpressible in words anyway, so he used a lot of metaphor. As you would know, metaphors often don’t travel well from one culture to another. Most important of all was his repeated insistence that true teachings aren’t carried in words but in silence.

        So if you want to know what he would have you know rather than seeking his words perhaps you’d be better off seeking somewhere quiet and isolated. Then ask yourself, “What am I?”.

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        • Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated. He truly knew Silence as per your description of him. “What am I?” – I already knew who I am even before I started the blog but I doubt my self so much.


          • I doubt my self so much

            So you should. What’s a ‘self’ anyway? Body? Mind? Preferences and opinions? Social identity?
            Maybe it’s your relationship to everyone and everything, with nothing at the centre of the web at all.
            According to the Buddha there’s no such thing as self.

            If the translations of Maharshi are to be believed there’s a ‘self’ and a ‘Self’. The self is the idea of individuation we delude ourselves with. Our ego, sense impressions, conscious and unconscious thoughts, etc. The Self, on the other hand, is pure unmediated consciousness, without subject or object. It’s the indivisible godhead that underlies everything.

            But I think there’s a problem with words, which inherently divide their subjects into that which is and that which is not, with the translation, which renders the Sanskrit word Paramatma as the English word ‘Self’ (which is inevitably opposed to ‘Other’), and with the metaphor of ‘godhead’. Equating yourself to the godhead in our culture is to claim huge status and authority. That sort of behaviour can see you spending your Easter holiday nailed to a cross.

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            • You clearly explained what self and Self briefly, that’s how I understood it and got nothing more to add. I think we have different semantics and how we express ourselves in words. I should’ve explained my reply further though, I meant to say I knew who I am even BEFORE I started the blog but doubt my self so much. I was speaking about before I started (put up) the blog. Does this make sense now?

              “Equating yourself to the godhead in our culture is to claim huge status and authority. That sort of behaviour can see you spending your Easter holiday nailed to a cross.” — I would never equate myself to a godhead, I’m not better or greater than anyone. As you can see on my About page, I’m a nobody.


              • Wow, a nobody. That is a big deal. That’s like enlightened or something.

                One of my favourite bloggers once described herself as no more important than a grain of sand. She hadn’t read Blake.


              • Actually I’m working on being as big a deal as my pet bunny, Ananda. He knows he’s the most important thing that’s ever hopped the earth. If I can just make myself as silly as him I reckon I’m on track.


    • Thanks dear lady Lou, and welcome here. I believe you can be/have anything you wish, the potential lies in you. I hope to read you but your gravatar leads me to an unregistered wordpress site. Enjoy your day dear lady 🙂


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