New Waves


If life is a sea
I am the wave, carrying fishes to the shore – I Am Why

Out in the open,
Raging Sea
Relentlessly in fluidity…
With yellowish-greens,
Sundry shades
Of sophisticated waves

Wild, enigmatic and natural
Engulfing you with rolling desires…
Other times, placid…
Smoothing you
From the ambivalent currents of exotic,
Sensuality of each Now’s memory…

As always
My love is a tidal wave…
Splashing colors on the page
With word’s brush,
With my iridescent, sultry eyes…
Carrying fishes to the shore,
Devoted to be Home

Even so, I confess
I’m nothing but energy (waves)
Which can never be destroyed,
Only transformed…
If you dare to heed,
Be willing to dive at the heart
Of its pulsating beat…
You may find love can last,
Like the turquoise raging Sea…

Dedicated to my Inang (Grandmother) Rosalina, who I have a special loving bond. She gives me strength despite of being fragile because of old age. Thank you for all the help and for everything, I love you Inang… Mwahh 💗😘

Photo taken by: My pretty little sister Rahnie 💖


31 thoughts on “New Waves

    • Salamat 😍 We’ll dive when I go and meet you in Cebu hopefully I can go there early next year. I will let you know mermaid hahaha, we’ll chase potatoes under the sea. Looooove your name 💕


    • Beautiful Jyotee!! Where you belong is a lovely place too 🙂 How are you, sorry for the delay in approving and responding to your comment, I appreciate your visit 🙂
      I was away from WordPress and just came back last week from the mountains.I’ll fly to your nest soon. Have a lovely night to you. Keep smiling☺


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