Water Me

If life is a tree
I am the roots, holding thoroughly
Sturdy, giving fruits – I Am Why

Water me
In the labyrinth,
In the dark, thick of it…
Water me
Under the sparkly purple sky
Shaved and smooth,
My skin like liquid moonlight…

Do not fear
My ever-changing shape…
When I’m howling and furry,
Standing on my haunches,
My lower lip stained
With the blood of my last ego kill
Water me, still…

When I’m majestic than you,
My existence illuminates
Like the Sun and it hurts
When my gaze
Penetrates at you
Water me then, too…

When I become a furious river,
Spilling myself upon your dreams
And call them
To the surface of your life
Water me, my Love…

When I call down the blizzard,
That hardens the Land,
Freezes the Earth
And all the blossoming plants…
Trust, the Spring has arrived!

A gift for Trees from a Tree 😋, tadaa! Love and smiles!!!