Cosmic Creations


In all too brief seconds
Of a violent kiss…
Worlds explode
Into massive blackholes
On a tranquil cosmos
Affecting universes
And as they go on and on…
Outward, until they fade
Into the vastness of blue
Perpetually vanishing…
As if nothing
Had ever happened…
Yet, everything happened…

Now, a speck of light
Burst out…
The Sun nova
And You…
You, whisper a euphoric sigh
Then breathe in and open your eyes
And I…
I, reach out to delicately trace your lips
With ardent, effervescent finger tips…
Until We, too,
Fade into the vastness of blue…
Into Nothingness of an exquisite
Spring Morning mist…
Yet, all this is…

A gift for all, Love is Free afterall! Ethereal artwork entitled, ‘The Creator’ is by my Cocreator, the ever loving to all – Geo.Kalpataru.  Gratitude Love mwaaaahh! Have a lovely day everyone, smiles!:-)


52 thoughts on “Cosmic Creations

  1. Reblogged this on geo.kalpataru and commented:
    A few days ago, I sent Diwata a few photos of some drawings I made in the office for some work colleagues of mine. She decided to work with TheCreator and I couldn’t be happier! I love what she wrote. Diwata (aka my fellow ghost) created a great story for ‘The Creator’ and I am sure the person who has that drawing now, will be very pleased to read it.Thank you…

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  2. Galing! Nice one Diwata. Hindi lahat nakakasulat ng tula, yung iba kaya lang nilang magcomment about sa magandang pagkakasulat ng tula, parang AKO. lol.

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    • Thank you and welcome to Lalaland Iriz! Panigurado kaya mo din mag sulat ng tula… Subukan mo lang 🙂 Bumisita ako sa iyong pugad, nakakatuwa ang mga munting kwento mo, pero bakit walang comment section?

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      • Walang anuman! Mukhang nakakatuwa nga dito sa Lalaland. Sumusulat ako ng tula dati hanggang sa kinalawang na. LOL. Salamat sa pagdaan sa aking pugad. 🙂 Naku ba’t kaya walang comment section.. Mukhang tinatanggap lang yung may katawang lupa. Haha. Teka ayusin ko. 🙂

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