You Know How I Feel…

Love is what lead us together
It is always been this way…
The beginning and ending…

We will embark on the path
That leads to the essence…
We will overcome
The gravitational currents
Together, we can do everything…

We are the Creator
Of our lives
The water
That refreshes our dry, burned day…
We are the musician
In our own soundtrack
The writer
Of our history
We are the pastel colors
On our path
The painter
Of our art, in which we live….
The architect
Of our home we build
We are all around us,
Our life is

The rest, is just a frame…

Oh and I’m feeling good la la la… I wrote this a few moons back, reading it from the beginning to ending, ending to beginning still gives me the same feeling. Β I haven’t picked up the pen lately as am quite busy building something (a spaceship, perhaps 😊). So, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, reading blogs but don’t worry I’ll try to gaze when I have a moment. Β Hoping everyone is full of joy in their hearts, love and smiles. Β Have a lovely Sunday!


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