As Poetry Roll off My Tongue



I write about you, to you…
Enticing with cool summer breeze
And wild flower’s metaphoric symphonies
As I stand close
On top of this spectral bridge
And your avant-garde mysteries
Embrace me and my whole body
Feels your touch
As delicate as the whisper
Of a butterfly in flight…
Yet, powerful enough
To ignite
A fire in every nerve
Of my essence…
Burning like a tropical Sun,
Tastes like Honeysuckle
As poetry roll off my tongue…

I write to you, about you…
About those demons
And the price they make you pay…
About the audacity of me
Wanting you to keep holding my hand,
Making time slip away…
While teaching me how to kiss
The nightmares while you sleep…
And to show you what it means
When I say:
My Love,
Move, sway and flow…
Dance soul to soul, never let go…

This poem is included in my first collection of poetry book accompanied by Geo.Kalpataru‘s artwork. Β 

Are you ready to blast off? Click me😊

Diwata in Lalaland – a fairy tale for grown-ups, aurally rich, sensually lyrical, cinematic and often improvisational act that resembles the movement of nature more than of a collection of poetry. Diwata wields surrealism and realism to create a startling metaphor and revelatory symbols that illuminates existence as both easily extinguishable and ultimately enduring. Delving for a purpose becomes a purpose itself and finally reaffirms a life well lived. A journey with One and All. Come, take her hand and walk with Diwata in Lalaland, you’ll arrive with a clearer eye, a deeper loving heart, for your own…

Looking back, this blog started as my journal, never in my life I dream of publishing a book, I just wanted to share my heart’s songs and silence. Β But, I’m convinced that the Universe has its own timing and movement no one can control, everything happens for a reason… With your readership (A.K.A. friendship), feedback and encouragement, I finally decided to collect my writings and started drafting since last week of July. Β I expressed to my family (the ever loving and supportive, Ryan and Aki) and some friends that I wished to publish a book for Aki with Geo’s drawings because Aki feels connected with them, it inspires her to draw (and ofcourse while singing her songs) . Β So I told Geo about it, and being helpful as ever to everyone, he gave me the freedom to take any drawings from his blog, any drawings I wished to have for the book. Β And I am forever grateful to my family and Geo, for they have fulfilled my wishes!!!

The creative process of putting this book together resembles the process of putting puzzle pieces together and it was a joyful experience, really. Β And during the nights when I were drafting, I remember the nights me and my Mother put up the pieces of puzzle of a picture of nature. Β To be honest, I couldn’t remember exactly what the picture looked like but it was beautiful from the eyes of a 5 year-old child, a picture puzzle I received as a gift from my Father’s little sister. Β (Just sharing😊)

So, the eBook is available on Kindle Amazon for free, today until the 23rd September and if you want to get a copy of the (physical, you can touch and hold) book, please contact me as I only have few copies printed. Β I will give it to you for FREE (just PAY FORWARD – meaning: give something to someone, write a poem for a friend, dance with a complete stranger and make him/her smile, the possibilities are endless really, it’s all up to you) and just pay for the shipping fee as I don’t have all the money in the world😊. This book is huuuggeee! More or less 1kg, with its 10.7w X 8.2h size, almost 1/2 inch in thickness and in full-color. Β I put up a Contact page, just message me so I can reserve a copy for you.

The Cardboard Spaceship is finally here! Come, buckle up with each other’s arms and cuddle partey!!!


24 thoughts on “As Poetry Roll off My Tongue

    • Maraming salamat, Beautiful Potato!! Missed you, too . I’ll catch up on your writings next week. There’s just so much good things happening, kaya medyo busy pa ko.. Kisssssssss on the… lips mwaaaaahhhh nyaaahhh
      Love always πŸ’–


    • You made me chuckle by your comment, Joel (one of the talented writers here on WordPress). THANK YOU!
      You know your writing style reminds me of C. JoyBell C and this is one of my favorite quotes from her:

      Love and smiles to you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. How wonderful, a wonderful poem, as always, and then to read that you have published a book of poems. Your poetry is very good and the art work always stimulating as well, so I hope it sells really well. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


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