Path of Love Eternal


I forgotten what you look like
But, the galaxies in your eyes
I recognized…
As it see right through everything
Commencing the course
Of my surrendering…

Under the moon’s illumination,
I meditate
My inner longing
To touch your face…
Patiently trying to await
The moment we share
One space…

Energy binds us
Into a field of no time
And heaven on Earth, witness
The way you awaken me
With your holographic kisses…

Though thousands of stars
Divide us
I can feel you
In every beat of my heart
No matter how many times
Gods split us up
We shall never be apart…

From lifetimes upon lifetimes
Of countless illusions
We are constantly reminded
Of our uniqueness
Through the electric nuclear Salsa,
A metaphysical fusion…

From a force so powerful
We came to be…
Two opposites, complements
Intertwined with Divine Feminine
And Masculine Energy
Together, we travel alternate
Dimensions and realities…

And in this final
Synchronicity of completion…
We transcend the voided zones
Over magnetic waves and portals,
The journey on the Path of Love eternal…

This poem is also included in my poetry book Diwata in Lalaland with artwork by Geo.Kalpataru.  

Thanks everyone for all the support, have a wonderful day/night!  Live life, breathe love 😊


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