Diwata’s Lalaland – Vision Reawakening

Drawing by Aki Osiris

Its galactic beauty haunts me
Like a Beloved I left behind…
Its kiss, a prelude
To eternal pure bliss…
Its valiant desires
Swirl like a turbulent storm…
Its songs rip through my soul
When perceived outside its borders…
The memories of its exemplary passion
And devotion fervently tortures
In the absence of deep slumber
And natural essence
That heals the wounded, tortured universe…

Come back!!!
Whispers riding on the clouds…

I missed Diwata in Lalaland,
My Home wholeheartedly
Needing to feel
Its breeze caressing my skin…
To taste
The sweetness of its serenades
Kissing my lips…
To wish
Upon its abounding falling stars
On cool summer nights…
And catch its illuminating light
With my blazing arms

So I came back, vivified…

You see, when I write
Living becomes a chorographic
Infinite landscape
Of emotions and feelings,
Of unexplained breaths:
Between coincidence and synchronicities,
Image and pigments,
Choreography and performances,
Silence, vibration and sounds…
Every second is a lyric
And minutes as dreams…

A Vision Reawakening!!!!

I see, darkness hiding behind different faces, names and reflections of the innocents. Retreat, into the Light… 

Greetings to all! I’ve been away from everyone and all. I’m back but probably just post some poems or short excerpts of my writings as I’ve shared enough here and will focus on sharing my writings with family and loved ones. I started to have a heart problem, prevalent on the last quarter of 2015. So I commune in nature as much as possible to heal.

May we all heal and wish everyone a life full of love and sweet dreams.


7 thoughts on “Diwata’s Lalaland – Vision Reawakening

  1. Great that you’re back, at least briefly.
    Not so great about your heart. But I guess we’re all pretty brief really.

    I like the line on your book cover too.
    “I am everywhere and nowhere all at once”.
    It’s the only self-definition that makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

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