360° Vibration-Energy Eyeing Before New Spring Rising

Family-Tree Artwork: Aki Osiris

The world’s
Sheer noise will morph
Into Life’s music
And the eye of the storm
Dissolves within my reach…
A myriad montage of radiating
Crystalline metaphors majestically
Ooze out of my fingertips…

The blackened cathedral clouds
Formed on
Osiris’ temple of vision
In Lalaland, my sacred kingdom…
As I, Full Moon drink
The rising Spring Sun…
Immense, lingering sip
To quench my spiritual thirsts…
I masticate dreams in deep blue sea
(as blue as Lapis Lazuli)
And savor the Anamnesis
Of You and I,
Of We and Cosmology…

The intricate elements of poetry
Pour into your arms
While the space
Push you closer to me
With my special nature of gravity…
And here I Am
Standing still in Solitary Glory
With magical finger waving
Smiling, eyes sparkle
With millennia’s words unspoken…

There are no sides
In the Circle of Life!!!
Hence, I stand
Rooted in the middle ground!!!
The Center, equilibrium!!!
Lovingly enchanting
My ancestral family
To unveil the meaning
Of each luscious verse,
Of each narcotic cadence
And in-between silence…

Before that Energy Vampire
Hiding in the scent of flowers,
Alluring gazes and smiles
Stolen from the innocents…
Hiding behind different aliases
With caravan of fictions and mirages
To entertain Itselves and keep up
On playing squander loser’s games
I will never play!!!
Sucking by lurking
On manuscripts and personal fortresses,
Flirting with loved ones
To gather information
When my surveilling eye is on…

Before those conspicuous effete impostors,
Those who counterfeit
My Name and Energy Signature
Impersonate, deconstruct, simulcast
Then, sell interpretations
In their fictional wasteland deflation…
An inefficacious direction
I will never take, instead
I stay meditating in Inner-Universe
Where my 360° metaphysical sense
Is present in every moment…

Their judgment is an illusion
Armed with lies and manipulations…
My Truth is a tribune
That can stand on its own
Needing no explanations!!!

My very life is a vehicle to afterlife!!!
Any stolen mechanisms and relics
Hunt and haunt its thief!!!

Surrender sufferings
For new beginning everlasting!!!

High vibration notes: Lala lala la nana…

Low vibration notes in heart-bullet points:
❤ ❤❤Pipiiw