About Diwata in Lalaland

Artwork (a gift) by: Geo.Kalpataru

Diwata in Lalaland – a fairy tale for grown-ups, aurally rich, sensually lyrical, cinematic and often improvisational act that resembles the movement of nature more than of a collection of poetry. Diwata wields surrealism and realism to create a startling metaphor and revelatory symbols that illuminates existence as both easily extinguishable and ultimately enduring. Delving for a purpose becomes a purpose itself and finally reaffirms a life well lived. A journey with One and All. Come, take her hand and walk with Diwata in Lalaland, you’ll arrive with a clearer eye, a deeper loving heart, for your own…

The door will open if you are pure of heart.

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149 thoughts on “About Diwata in Lalaland

  1. Salamat pagi. (Just saw the word salamat in one of your comments) Just browsed through your pictures. Quite beautiful. I was wondering where? Philippines? Hmmm. Don’t think so. Indonesia or Malaysia maybe? If the latter, terima kasih for sharing them.

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