Reality of Dreams

As the sunlight
Touches the mountains’ silhouette
I realized, I have yet to sleep…
The reality of dreams
And your bohemian-scent mystery
Keep me awake…
Maybe later, I will relax
And close my eyes…

Funny isn’t it,
How paper never condemn,
Allowing inky shades
And these meandering words
To consume its empty spaces…
I’m not really sure
Where I’m going with this
For now,
Bits and pieces of remembering
Smudge incoherently on this page
A black on white, saccharine taste
Of a dream state…

The Sun conjoined with the Moon
And the last few Stars…
With its yellow
And blue flicker glimpses,
Its warmth, and possibilities,
Provide the courage for me
To smile and softly say:
I wonder why my waking
And sleeping hours
Are woven around you…
Why, when I know
This is more dream than reality?

I don’t have an answer, but poetry…
Poetry, like love is a cure
For the mortality of existence…
I live life just to tell it,
For my dreams to come alive…

Photo taken at the mountains of Buscalan Village, Kalinga.  And that song was playing when we (me and little sister) reached our shelter in the mountains and became the soundtrack of this whole Kalinga experience.  Love and smiles from me and the mountains!

Alchemy’s Shimmering Reddish-Purple Flavors

Why is it
In the dusk’s last sparkle,
I am able to stimulate
The glimmer and spectacle,
I find
In the ethereal glow
Of your eyes?

It’s stunning really,
The way you ebb and flow
On the nightfall’s shadows…
Casting alchemy’s shimmering
Reddish-purple flavors,
As you chant and dance
Into my heart…

Is this alchemy or poetry?

In truth,
I don’t know what this is
Nor never want to know…

I just love,
Thinking of you…

Oh no,
I love you…

A Star Seed Falls on Earth

I fall,
Letter by letter,
Word by word,
In rhythm and timing…
Visualize the moon,
With stars,
Tinsel by tinsel…

And then, all at once
Like the explosion
Of a supernova
Touching distant galaxies
I’m down to my very soul
I fall, I fall…

And then hastily…
The way a meteor flares
As it slithers across the night sky
Within an orgasmic sigh
You catch me by your eye…

Like love, worth holding
It turns to fire:
Wild and free…
You become the flame
Dancing across my skin…
Blazing brightly
In your arms…
And within your heart,
You turn me
Into the sweetest smell of ash…